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Mango Kush Medical Strain smell and taste are the same and described as mango and banana. THC content has been measured up to 16% and CBD at 0.3%. Mango Kush Strain - Hybrid Cannabis Video, CBD, THC : Hytiva The indica-dominant hybrid Mango Kush is well-known for its strong flavor and aroma mimicking tropical fruits and mangos with a skunky undertone. Sometimes reviewers can note a bit of a piney aftertaste as well. Mango Kush buds are distinct in appearance as they’ll usually be dense and covered Order Kushbee THC Vape Cartridges Mango from Kushfly LA

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We only use the best bud, so whether it's dried flower, gummies, vapes, or concentrates you know you're THC: 20.3%-23.9% | CBD: 0% |THC Dominant Indica Pink Kush emits a delicate pine aroma that's balanced with notes of citrus. Delahaze is a sativa strain possessing mango notes and sticky, cone-like buds.

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THC – 91.02%. Mango Kush Ultra Refined Oil Pen. Mango Kush strain tastes similar to the actual mango fruit, with a distinct kush flavor and hints of pine on the exhale. The smell and taste are the same and described as mango and banana. With mellow sativa effects this strain is perfect for creativity and socializing. Mango Kush - Harmony CBD Liquid - Liquido24 WICHTIG: Bitte beachte, dass CBD-Liquid - gemäß den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen - kein THC enthält! CBD E-Liquids von Harmony werden ausschließlich aus hochwertigen Aromen und Basen gemischt und bieten dadurch eine erstklassige Qualität. Wichtige Hinweise zu dem Harmony CBD Liquid "MANGO KUSH": Diskreter Versandkarton; Geschmack: Cannabis Best Dank Vapes | Mango Kush Buy Mango kush vape online. Mango kush dank vape is an indica dominant strain.Its strong flavors and aromas are reminiscent of the tropical fruit for which it is named,but it also carries a hint of banana.Mango kush has a THC count of up to 16% and averages around 10-12%. Vape UK CBD | Harmony mango Kush CBD E-Liquid Harmony mango Kush is an e-liquid designed for electronic cigarettes, crafted with vapers in mind, and hemp at heart. Its aroma derives from the same compounds of the beloved Mango Kush cannabis strain and comes in a variety of CBD strengths. This unique aroma is created from terpenes, the compounds that bring smell and flavouring in Cannabis.

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Sativa-dominant (60%). Parents. Mango Kush. sativa. THC. Medium. CBD The high induced from hitting bongs and vapes loaded with Pandemia Kush sets in  The taste of Mango Kush, not surprisingly, is similar to mangos and Kush, with notes of pine. It smells of the tropics, sweet mangos, and bananas. THC can make  Mango Kush represents the Kush lineage spectacularly, with its strong pungent scent and the giggle fits it induces. Mango Kush's THC levels are usually in the  Alongside the kush and mango flavor, there's a hint of pine on the exhale, a bold combination that stays with you. The average THC level is 65-75% and the  Find information about the Mango Kush Sesh Distillate Cartridge from Craft Distillate oil is a pure product that is refined at the molecular level with a potency that ranges from 75-95% THC. Our vape cartridges come in 500 mg packages.