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11 Jul 2017 Malana Cream is one of the world's most expensive hashish. India-Marijuana-Malana-Parvati Valley-Cannabis. Reuters/Navesh Chitrakar A tola, or 11.66 grams, sells for over $250 there and over Rs4,000 ($60) in India. The future of global entertainment is in the hands of these three men. Quartz.

Dies erklärt vielleicht die typische eher körperlich empfundene Wirkung auch bei hohem Harzgehalt im Vergleich zu der oft eher knisternden Wirkung von marokkanischem Haschisch, bei dem der THC-Gehalt typischerweise doppelt so hoch ist wie der des CBDs (bei einem insgesamt sehr breiten Spektrum an THC-Gehalt von ganz gering bei gestrecktem Triple X - Light hash - Purchased from Barney's Lounge | BushDoc Origin, Look, Smell and effects of Triple X - Bushdocs Fieldnotes: This makes for a good introduction to Moroccan polm as it has the pureness to burn smoothly and taste great too. I think Barney's has a top-shelf sample on their menu here. Delicious. Zero-Zero - Light hash - Purchased from La Canna Coffeeshop Normally i'd give this a miss. This might've been a called "00" but may well have been dubbed "The Big Zero". One of our "mystery shoppers" bought some and then identified himself as an S-Guide rep; the house dealer said "wait, try something else". Too late! I've seen a lot better from La Canna. I'd go for some other samples from them and save your money for using the toilet. LE VRAI HASH ( PAS DU SHIT COUPÉ AU PNEU ) - YouTube

10 najlepszych Coffeeshopów w Amsterdamie - RQS Blog

VARIÉTÉS À HAUTE TENEUR EN THC @ BARNEYS FARM® Lauréat pour la culture de graines de cannabis Offre-vous les graines de cannabis les plus époustouflantes sur le marché ! THC. MOINS DE 10 % (0); 10% - 20% (28); PLUS DE 20 % (38). CBD TRIPLE CHEESE AFGHAN HASH PLANT - REGULAR.