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After six suspected vape pen deaths, chemists and doctors explain why vitamin E oil is a problematic additive. Learn about the different types of vitamin E oil, how they are not approved for How Consumers Can Avoid Dangerous Vape Cartridges | Cannabis Now While most of the people sickened by the use of cannabis vaporizers and e-cigarettes appear to have purchased those items on the illicit market, where counterfeit vapes of legal brands have recently been proliferating, it is still possible that some legal cannabis vapes could contain vitamin E acetate or other dangerous additives. Vitamin E Vape - The Cannabis Investor

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Deadly Vapes: ACS Laboratory Developed The Test For Vitamin E Vitamin E Acetate has been used as a cutting agent by several vape cartridge manufacturers due to its ability to both dilute the THC oil and thicken the substance, making it more convenient to be put in vape cartridges. This feature allows companies to sell toxic THC and CBD vapes that look pure. ACS Laboratory has already acted quickly Vitamin E acetate most likely caused US vaping illness, say The outbreak of vaping-related illness in the US was probably caused by people using THC from cannabis cut with vitamin E acetate in their e-cigarettes, experts have said. Ohio bans vitamin E acetate from medical marijuana vapes Ohio bans vitamin E acetate from medical marijuana vapes after CDC links it to lung illnesses. The ban is preemptive – none of Ohio's licensed processors uses the additive in its marijuana vape Michigan Requires All Cannabis Cartridges to Be Retested Before

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Vitamin E Acetate Prompts Legal Vape Product Recall in Michigan The regulatory agency has required cannabis vape cartridges to be tested for vitamin E acetate since November 22 and the positive tests mark the first time the compound has been found in the state’s legal market. The five products – Cereal Cart, Monopoly Cart, Royal Highness, Dank Vape, and Savage Stick – were sold at Elite Wellness in New York finds high levels of vitamin E oil in cannabis vaping The New York Health Department says it found vitamin E acetate in cannabis-containing vape products. The announcement comes after the CDC and FDA said they are investigating 215 cases of vaping

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