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TKO Extra Strength – Kushy Punch Gummy Edibles (200mg THC – 4mg Safe from harsh chemicals, Potent, Portable, All-Natural, and crafted by professional confectionery chefs, for superb quality and taste. Kushy Punch uses high grade gelatin leaf, natural flavor extracts, and essential oils. All the candy is made with the terpenes inside to give you the depth of experience you’re looking for. High Dosage THC Kushy Punch - Recover 60mg THC + 20mg CBD Kushy Punch – Recover 60mg THC + 30mg CBD. Brand: Kushy Punch. Type: Edibles, Candies. Nutrition: N/A. Potency: 60mg THC + 30mg CBD Total / 10 x 6mg THC + 3mg CBD Doses. Ingredients: Tapioca Syrup, organic cane sugar, water, gelatin, citric acid, natural flavor extract, cannabis extract, FDA approved coloring, vegetable oil. Let all your How Kushy Punch Is Fighting Opioid Addiction With CBD With CBD’s growing relevance comes Kushy Punch’s own growth. Don’t miss the journey as the award-winning brand continues to push the envelope with its products and educate consumers about the wide range of benefits that CBD offers. Visit the Kushy Punch website today to see all of the company’s products and learn more about this

13 Sep 2017 Kiva's all natural ingredients, combined with cannabis, offer four Kushy Punch's all-natural gummy formula provides users with a of apple (sativa), watermelon (indica) or lemon (CBD) and offers 15mg or 50mg options.

Description; Reviews (0) 100mg of THC and 1mg of CBD in a gummy. Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review “Kushy Punch Hybrid Gummy”  10 Jan 2020 CBD oil extracted from the plant is combined with other ingredients to For example, Kushy Punch offers a succulent peach-flavored gummy  15 Nov 2018 KushyPunch Strawberry Sativa Gummy Formula (CBD, a.k.a. cannabidiol, is a cannabis compound that's touted for its myriad therapeutic  Medical marijuana dispensary, doctor and medicine directory with reviews. With Kushy Punch's award-winning foundation of cannabis, natural terpenes, and  31 May 2019 These pre-made snacks incorporate nutritious ingredients and some of your favorite snacking Chong's Choice CBD Gummies Bundle (Gummy Bears and Watermelon Slices) CBD content: 25 mg per one ounce This versatile CBD syrup features a refreshing fruit punch flavor. Kushy CBD Gummies. Kushy Punch revoked of California cannabis license after raid Review Item KushyCBD Gummy Facts – 100mg CBD, 0mg THC – Made with 100% organic, 

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22 Nov 2019 Kushy Punch is a manufacturer and distributor of oil infused gummies and CBD products such as vapes, oil tinctures, capsules, oil syringes and  28 Jul 2015 We all know the power behind the original Kushy Punch taffy-like products; none of the potency is lost in their new gummies! Much like the  Kushy Punch Sativa (100mg) Reviews: Does It Work? Chong’s Choice Gummy Bears; Diamond CBD Chill Gummies; Extra Strength 12% & 6% CBD Recovery Oil; Kushy Punch Sativa (100mg) Review – Final Verdict. Based on customer reviews online, Kushy Punch Sativa Strawberry Gummy is one of the products they’d be considering if they wish to experience the benefits of CBD. Its major plus points include Kushy Punch Sativa & Indica Cannabis Gummies Review | More Than Kushy Punch Cannabis Infused Gummies come in Sativa and Indica formulas. I greatly prefer THC edibles that indicate if they are sativa or indica, as I never know what effect I can expect with many generic "hybrid" edibles. Kushy Punch also does make a Hybrid formula, a Recover formula (THC +CBD), a CBD formula and…

Kushy Punch revoked of California cannabis license after raid Review Item KushyCBD Gummy Facts – 100mg CBD, 0mg THC – Made with 100% organic, 

KUSHY CBD. At Kushy CBD, delivering the very best CBD gummies to our customers is what we do. KushyCBD’s classic peach gummy contains 100mg of full spectrum CBD oil, which depending on how you are dosing can be 10 doses, four doses or a single dose. Kushy Punch Marijuana Edible Review!!! (Sativa) - YouTube