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Illinois Home Grow Cannabis - How to legally grow cannabis in is a registered qualifying patient under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act may cultivate cannabis plants, with a limit of 5 plants that are more than 5 inches tall, per household without a cultivation center or craft grower license. In this Section, "resident" means a person who has been domiciled in the State of Illinois Amendments to Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act Clarify On December 4, 2019, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed into law Senate Bill 1557, which makes various changes to the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, including providing much-needed clarity with respect to potential employer liability.

The Illinois General Assembly recently passed the Cannabis Regulation, which will legalize marijuana for recreational use and place cannabis in a category similar to alcohol, with a few exceptions.

27 Dec 2019 Illinois will begin legal marijuana sales on Jan. 1. Ned Lamont, have called on lawmakers to continue working on legislation in 2020. 20 Dec 2019 Illinois has other cannabis-related laws in the pipeline for 2020, including a law that will allow students who are medical marijuana patients to  26 Dec 2018 A study from the Illinois Economic Policy Institute and the University of in tax revenue and infuse roughly $1 billion into the state economy overall by 2020. Chris Sununu (R), despite signing a bill to decriminalize cannabis  1 Jan 2020 Illinois begins the legal sale of marijuana on Jan 1, 2020. J.B. Pritzker signed a bill into law, permitting Illinois residents and visitors to buy the  27 Dec 2019 Marijuana Legalization 2020: These States Could Legalize Weed In The Illinois passed a law last spring that legalized recreational cannabis  26 Dec 2019 The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act allows for the recreational use of cannabis by individuals over the age of 21. Illinois citizens may  This Act legalizes public consumption and possession of cannabis for Illinois With the January 1, 2020 effective date for recreational marijuana becoming 

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ARTICLE 1. SHORT TITLE; FINDINGS; DEFINITIONS. Section 1-1. Short title. Section 1-5. Findings. 1 Section 1-10. Definitions. In this Act >Read Article 1 of the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act here. ARTICLE 5. AUTHORITY. Section 5-5. Sharing of authority. Section 5-10. Department of Agriculture. Section 5-15. Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Section 5-20. … Illinois becomes 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana Illinois becomes 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana. The Land of Lincoln is the first state to legalize recreational marijuana via the legislative process rather than a ballot initiative. Recreational Cannabis in Illinois 1/1/2020 What you need to know These changes are effective and enforceable on January 1, 2020. I. Cannabis Legalization: Personal Use and Home Grow Cannabis Plant Limits Lawful Personal Possession Amounts: The cannabis legalization law allows Illinois residents age 21 and older to possess lawfully: - Up to 30 grams of cannabis leaf; - Up to 500 mg of THC-infused products Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act – What You Need to Know On June 25, 2019, Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker signed into law the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (aka the Cannabis Act), which is set to go into effect on January 1,

2020 Illinois Law: Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act

Illinois' 2020 Cannabis Law: Where Does Employment Fit In? | January 1, 2020 is right around the corner. And for those of us in Illinois, some of us may be looking forward to lighting up more than just fireworks to ring in the new year. Beginning on January 1, 2020, Illinois will become the eleventh state to legalize cannabis for recreational use by adult Legalized Cannabis in Illinois: What Employers Need to Know - On May 29, 2019, the Illinois Senate passed Illinois House Bill (HB) 1438, which will legalize recreational marijuana in the state. This bill, known as the “Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act,” is expected to be signed into law by Illinois governor J. B. Pritzker, since he campaigned for office on a promise to legalize recreational marijuana. Illinois Cannabis Law, Amended: What Employers Should Know |