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Her out-of-this-world potency makes Gorilla Glue also an excellent strain for the Her THC levels measure 24-26%, with her phenos at times reportedly 30%,  21 Sep 2016 In terms of THC content, nothing beats Gorilla Glue #4, which has a At 29.5% THC, the Indica Khalifa Kush comes in at number three. In case  12 Oct 2019 Marijuana goes by many names: Cannabis, Weed, Hemp, Grass, Green, and Gorilla Glue weed has an average CBD content level of 0.1%. 27 Dec 2017 This year also ushered in a massive wave of luxe cannabis products and Gorilla Glue, the mother strain kicking off the celebrated family tree, 

So aptly named, Gorilla Glue does have the strength of the beast. With a THC level that can reach up to 28%, this weed is one of the strongest ones out there.

! Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds | Original Seeds Store why choose Gorilla Glue. Gorilla Glue is one of the most sought after strains in today’s cannabis market due to its potency, with a THC percentage in some tests reaching over 30%. The strain gets its name because of the resin that collects on the scissors when trimming this multi award winning cannabis strain. GG was specifically bred for its Gorilla Glue (AAAA) - 28G STAFF FAV - Fast Kush Dispensary OG, also commonly known as “OG Kush” to most members of the cannabis community, is a 100% pure indica hybrid strain with unknown genetics, although it is commonly thought to be a cross of LA Kush X SFV OG. This dank bud boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges from 19-26% on average. OG has a memorable aroma of… Buy High THC Seeds at Seedsman Types of High THC Seeds. The types of seeds available, all with a high level of THC content, include but are not limited to Gorilla Glue # 4, Black Widow, Afghan Kush, Brazil Amazonia, Colombian Gold, Ketama, Kilimanjaro, Pakistan Valley and other such varieties. To familiarize users with

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Gorilla Glue Strain | Marijuana Strain Reviews | AllBud Gorilla Glue, also known as “Gorilla Glue #1” or "420 Glue" is an indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Chocolate Diesel X Sour Diesel strains. This bud packs a crazy powerful high that leaves you feeling like your mind is filled with glue, al Wikileaf: Gorilla Glue Marijuana Strain Information Gorilla Glue gives users both a smell and taste that's reminiscent of coffee and mocha notes. However, don't let the yummy tones fool you, as this strain also packs a sour punch with diesel flavor that stays in your mouth long after you're through. Top 10 Strongest WEED Strains with their THC level!. - YouTube 23.03.2018 · It is the breed of OG KUSH and Strawberry Diesel strain. 60%sativa, 40%indica. It is slightly Sativa dominant which provides powerful euphoric high. 2. Its THC level can reach up to 29%. 3. This Wikileaf: Gorilla Glue #4 Marijuana Strain Information

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29 Aug 2016 Gorilla Glue #4 is one of the most potent cannabis strains in the world. It's not uncommon for this strain to produce THC levels above 28% weed from Gorilla Glue #4 cannabis trichomes and high levels of THC. 16 Oct 2019 Original Glue # 4 Kush is a hybrid based on three strain: Chem Sister, The prevalence of Indica and the high levels of THC cause a strong and The Gorilla Glue strains have heavy terpene levels, making them have a  18 Apr 2018 7 Points Oregon's Future (#1) broke lab records for THC content. was crossbred by Exotic Genetix from Gorilla Glue #4 (or whatever we are legally with distinct growth characteristics, terpenes, aromas, tastes, and potency.